Beaverdam Park-"Crescent Moon By Boat"11  LbNA # 15726 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 22 2005
LocationGloucester, VA
Found By Maphead Mike
Last Found Dec 5 2008
Hike Distance?

The Main Entrance to Beaverdam Park is located at 8687 Roaring Springs Road (the end of the road). The road is almost in Gloucester Courthouse. The Park is open 7 days a week year-round and only closes on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

BOXERS - We decided to make a clue for just the Crescent Moon box that many of you might enjoy. Since the hike can be difficult to reach this box why not rent a paddleboat, canoe, or small motor boat and take a ride on the lake to "The Crescent Moon Outhouse" letterbox?

It's $4.00 an hour for a paddleboat. Paddling took us 20 minutes one way and ten minutes to hike to the box. The entire trip accross the lake, to the box, and back took us 1.5 hours. What a beautiful ride it was too. (Motor baots, I believe, were $20.00 for the day. Check the Beaverdam website for better $ info).


CLUES - As you stand at the launch site for the paddleboats look directly accross the lake. There is a pennisula that sticks out that has no trees on it, only tall grasses and shrubs. The woodline on the right is where the "Camp Site" area is located. Peddle, paddle, or steam your boat around to the other side of the penninsula.
Follow along its shoreline until you see a very small wooden dock tucked into a small cove. (Its about 200 yards down from the tip of the penn). Moor your vessel to the dock. (Tie your boat securely now). Standing on the dock looking towards the woods you'll see a path just to your right. This will lead you to the "Camp Site". (Every good hiker/camper knows to ask permission to enter someones camp first).
There will be a small wooden shed or 'lean to' on your left. Pass it closely down your left side and keep veering left onto a larger path. Take this path down a few hundred feet. You'll see the outhouse on your right. Stand in front of the outhouse. On the left side of the outhouse is a larger poplar tree with three trunks. The "Crescent Moon Outhouse" box is under a root, covered by leaves. Please cover it well before you go.

Have fun and smooth sailing.