Buttonwillow Raceway - Retired  LbNA # 15700 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 9 2005
LocationButtonwillow, CA
Planted Bymoderndulcinea    
Found By nemaihne
Last Found Jul 14 2006
Hike Distance?

8/30/06 - Alas...I received this notice: It was found
in April soaking wet and the video case was thrashed. We replaced the bags after drying it out. There was a hitchhiker there as well that was in real rough shape. We took that along with us and helped nurse it back to health, seriously it was in rough shape. If you get a chance you may
want to get out and check yours. Looks like it suffered at some flooding or massive amounts of rain earlier. Couldnt figure out though why the video case was so thrashed.
Love your stamp!!!

I won't be up there for a while, but if there any boxers out there who would like to do some TLC on this one, I'll send you lots of karma points.

The I-5! A rite of passage. Many people drive from L.A. to S.F. along the 5 on a regular basis. It's long, it's straight, and it can be very boring. :-) Luckily, there are several letterboxes you can hit along the way!

If you're using www.letterboxing.org, remember that the clues may be in different areas on the site, since you'll pass through several counties while driving on the 5.

Traveling northbound (L.A. to S.F.) you can visit at least these 5:

- The Highway 5 Hitchhiker Hostel (Lebec, Kern County)
- Tule Elk (Buttonwillow, Kern County)
- Buttonwillow Raceway (This one!)
- I5 Road Trip Letterbox (Kettleman City, Kings Co)
- California Outlaws - Joaquin Murieta (Coalinga, Fresno Co)


You think people drive fast on the 5? You ain't seen nothing yet! :-)

"Experience California's newest and most complete road racing facility. Join the enthusiastic users who have already discovered the unique offering of Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Indy cars, sports cars, motorcycles, go-karts." www.buttonwillowraceway.com

Off the 5, take the Lerdo Highway Exit (268)
Travel West on Lerdo Highway. (if you're northbound, it's a left)
In about .5 miles, turn left onto Cal Club Road.
On your left you'll see telephone poles.
Drive until you pass 4 or 5 poles.
On your right will be a chainlink fence.
Park (there isn't much of a shoulder on the right, so you may want to park on the left and cross the street)
See the gate/opening in the fence? Look at the left pole where the gate hinges to the fence. Count that as "1".
Now, count to the left. Go to pole 6.
At pole 6, under the bush, under blocks of roadway material, is a whole lot of horsepower!