Weetamoo Woods  LbNA # 15666 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2005
LocationTiverton, RI
Planted BySpecies Club    
Found By Team Sock Monkey
Last Found Apr 22 2008
Hike Distance?

**Boxes were removed due to remodeling and construction going on in the woods. We'll replace them in the spring 08. Sorry for the inconvenience. **
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There are three letterboxes in this location. There are 2 boxes in these woods that I had previously hidden, but, unfortunately they were in poorly chosen location. They were also hidden in a different town.

Enjoy these woods they are gorgeous! Bring a picnic lunch if you wish, this trail took us 2 hours to hike & place the boxes. There is some wonderful history to these woods as well. In the beginning of the trail, located at a bench were trail maps, and a history of the woods. When I placed the boxes there were no maps, I do not know how often the town refills them. But if your really curious you can look on the internet for "Weetamoo Woods".

ok, now for the directions. Tiverton, RI. you can take Rt. 24 to the "Fish Rd." exit. on the exit ramp take a left. This is now Fish Road. follow Fish Rd to the end. Take a Right onto Bulgarmarsh Rd. (at the end of Fish road you have to go Left or Right. Directly in front of you will be Sanford auto salvage. And slightly to the right, still in front of you will be "STAR RIDERS", motorcycle club).Ok once you have taken that right follow Bulgarmarsh Rd. to the end. Main Rd is in front of you. Take that LEFT. Follow main rd. to your first set of lights. The Provinder is on your Right and Grey's ice cream is on your left. Take this LEFT. East Rd. follow East rd. aprox. 1 mile you will pass a Fire station on your right. you should see the Weetamoo Woods sigh on your Left. while on the dirt road you will have a farm on your left. Park your car and look for the bench with the roof on it. Here is where you might find trail maps.

CLUES: Box 1

Go down the path on the left side of the hooded bench, this path has a large rock with an engraving on it. Also a green metal fence.
As you walk down the path you will walk over a stream, looking carefully you will see it, continue down the path, box one is not to far ahead.continue to the second stream, this one you can not miss. once there stand in the middel of the path for an accurate reading of your compass. By the way this area is wonderful for pictures! Stand with your back to the entrance of the path, on your compass look for 260 degrees, you should see an orange sign (it says Private property) now look at 350 degrees. Walking in that direction 12-13 paces, look for a tree that looks like it is EATING A ROCK. Under that rock is "HOOT".

Clues: Box 2

Continue on the path, you should come up to a path on the right. Taking this path ( it will merge with the original path) you will see a whole with rocks piles in it, it once the foundation to a home, dating back 1700's). Staying on the path the original path now merges with you on your left, take this RIGHT. At the fork go RIGHT. If you lok in the trees you will see path color markers. The path to your left is yellow. At the opening of the path count 26 steps to a tree, possibley maple, you will see a red dot spray painted, its aprx 6 feet from the base of the tree. Behind this tree, see the first rock formation? Go to the rock. On top of the rock between two other smaller rocks is a "Joe Skull" (my husband created this stamp), there should be a pine tree to the left of the two smaller rockers. This box should be covered with debris and sticks. As with all boxes rehide and cover well. Once finished, back to the path.

Clue: Box 3
This box is not a close as the first two, when placing the boxes we wanted you to enjoy the woods. So enjoy the scenery and hike ( I promise it's not to bad)REALLY!

oK continue walking down trail. you will frequently see Red and Orange markers on the trees. Next fork take a Left. Stay on the path, soon you will come upon a very large tree that has fallend and cut apart for you to walk through. Looking straight ahead you should see a bunch of rocks and hear water. Continue forward. This rock formation was once a mill. To the left of the mill on the on the hill you will see BLUE trail markers, or stay here at the mill and have lunch, its a great spot. When you are ready go to the BLUE marked trail. You will soon cross over a crevice that could have been a small brook, that is dried up now, then passing over flat rocks in the path. keep going. going up the hill you will come upon what is known as "BIG ROCK", because it is a big rock, if you wish to explore this rock it's fun to climb, no worries the third box is NOT UP THERE! Once your ready continue on the blue trail till you happen upon stairs, yes, stairs, becareful, they are old. The stairs are on your left. At this fork yellow trail goes to the right, you will be going LEFT. The trail now narrows. There were a few muddy spots on this trail while walking but not to bad. follow path until you see a large rock on the left ( it might look familiar) Stand next to the smaller boulder and with your compass look for 270 degrees, aprox. 30 feet from you, you will see a stump, 15 feet behind that is a larger tree, behind this tree under debris is "Peace".

Back on the trail, go Right at the next intersection.
Soon you will see the path divide into 3 take the 2nd left path, this is the begining of the path, just follow this path back to your waiting car.

I hope you enjoyed the hike, it's a great place to hike and enjoy the scenery.

Have fun and be safe!
Drink plenty of water.