Springfield Memorial Cemetary Stripes & Spots  LbNA # 15578 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 4 2005
LocationSpringfield, OR
Planted ByTCE    
Found By 2forthetrail
Last Found Dec 31 2007
Hike Distance?

I checked on these boxes on Thursday, August 17th, 2006. They're in good shape. I replaced two books, and a box, and the GIRAFFE has a NEW STAMP!!!!

These boxes are at Springfield Memorial Cemetary (SMC), in Springfield, Oregon. SMC is on the eastern edge of town. There are people of every stripe and spot here, and this place is open at almost all hours of the day and night.

Come west on Highway 126, and SMC will be on your left as you come into town.

Come east on Highway 126, and SMC will be on your right. You will pass a little convenience store on your right, then South 72nd. SMC will be the next right turn going east.

To the boxes:

Zebra: Drive up into the cemetary. Stop at Dorer on your right. See the deer next to the road with his back to you. Look in the bush.

Giraffe: Continue your drive around to the top circle. Next to the Mosuleum there are 3 tall granite stones for the Taylors; they're approximately 5-6 feet tall each! There are 2 next to each other. Look for a hole in the rocks small enough for a giraffe to hide in.

Small for a giraffe??? What am I thinking??? Giraffes are huge!!! But, it's a little stamp, so it has a little space under a rock. No rocks need be moved to find it.

Okapi: This animal is rare, and has some stripes of a zebra, and the tongue of a giraffe, and a long neck, like a llama. They're very shy creatures.

Go to the north east corner of SMC, and find the Maple Tree in line with Mrs. Haskins. He's hiding at it's base, and if he were a real live Okapi, he'd probably eat the leaves off it's lower limbs.

Happy hunting! If any of these boxes need help you can e-mail me at Romgenesis@Netscape.net