The Atomic City Series  LbNA # 15300

Placed DateMay 25 2005
LocationOak Ridge, TN
Planted ByQuilter & Traveler    
Found By crossgear
Last Found May 19 2017
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Atomic City Series

Placed by Quilter & Traveler
Placement date: May 25,2005 checked 7/26/09 all current
State: Tennessee
County: Anderson
Nearest City: Oak Ridge


Hike length: 0.75 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Bring ink pad and pencil. Red, brown and green are good colors for these boxes.

Specific location:
The UT Arboretum is conveniently located on Highway 62 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. University of Tennessee Forestry Experiment Station is an 2,260 acre field research laboratory and a regionally recognized leader in developing new technologies applicable to modern forestry and wildlife resources management.

By the time Pres. Roosevelt authorized the Manhattan Project on Dec. 28, 1942, work on the east Tennessee site where the first production facilities were to be built was already underway. Original plans called for the military reservation to house approximately 13,000 people in prefabricated housing, trailer, and wood dormitories. By the time the Manhattan Project headquarters were moved from Washington,DC to Tennessee in the summer of 1943, estimates for the town of Oak Ridge had been revised upward to 45,000 people. By the end of the war, Oak Ridge was the fifth largest city in Tennessee and was consuming 1/7 of all the electrical power being produced in the United States. Today, Oak Ridge is home to approximately 28,000 people.
Nestled between the Great Smoky and Cumberland mountains, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, is a progressive, sophisticated city with an unparalleled commitment to excellence and its school system has been selected as one of the Top 100 Schools in the U.S. Take the time to look around and visit some of its attractions.

Box # 1- Atomic City
Turn in UT Arboretum and park in first available lot beside the Visitor's Center. Walk back toward the entrance and turn right at the Valley Rd. pole. Poison Ivy thrives in this forewarned. Go up the steps marked with a trail sign. You will pass by information regarding Pine Oak Forest on the right side of the trail. Next, on the right side of the trail, there is a large, mounted cross section of a fire damaged tree. Uphill, just left of the tree cross section is a scarlet oak with one side rotted out. Look inside for the box. After stamping in, please tuck back out of sight.

Box # 2- Conifer
Continue on up the path past a tulip poplar on the right. Soon you will see a bench for a small rest if needed. The trail continues on up and makes a turn to the right. The path dead-ends into another path with the choice of going straight ahead to the Shrub Garden Overlook. Don't do this, instead go left where the path merges with a service road. At this point, look straight ahead where you will see 4 pine trees. To the left is a birdhouse and just behind it is a tall evergreen Hinoki Cypress. In its base is Conifer. Please re-hide well as there are many maintainence activities here.

Box # 3- Double Trees (Formerly Triple fell!)
Get back on the service road to the right which leads to the Juniper Collection. There is another path merger. Go toward and thru the gazebo type shelter, down the steps and to the right past the large tulip poplar which is the Tennessee state tree. The path curves right and farther ahead you will pass the Shade Tree Study 1969. It is not uncommon to see deer and wild turkeys in this area. Just after you pass a very large fallen tree on the right, you're back to an open area you have seen before. Follow the sign To Visitor's Center to the left. A short way along on the left you will see two trees close together just off the path behind a sparce Norway Spruce and a fallen tree leading to the base of the two trees. Look behind the largest tree for a pile of rocks at its base for Triple Trees. Please conceal box carefully. Stay on the path back to the parking lot.
Would like to be advised of box condition. Thank you.