Goonie House  LbNA # 15173 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 20 2005
LocationAstoria, OR
Planted ByNeNe    
Found By Queenie Meanie
Last Found Jul 20 2009
Hike Distance?

***everything ok as of 8/6/06***

If you don't know where the Goonie House is...and you don't feel like trying to find it...simply turn onto 37th St. from the main road (Hwy 30), go up the hill to the stop sign, turn left onto Duane St. Drive slowly so you can admire the Goonie House up ahead a little to the left. It is the 3rd one from the right. (We parked and walked up to the house and took some pictures). Follow the road and park just after the bridge (you can see this bridge in the Goonie movie). There are some stairs going up the hill on either side of the bridge. Go up the stairs on your left (East side). At a break in the handrail on the right, there will be a brick planter box with some cut back ivy. I put a large rock in front of the Goonie House LB in the ivy.

Email updates are appreciated :) Thanks!

Enjoy! - NeNe