Horn Pond  LbNA # 15165

Placed DateMay 20 2005
LocationWoburn, MA
Found By neighborhood scout
Last Found Jun 26 2016
Hike Distance?

Location: The box is located at Horn Pond, a favorite hiking and fishing spot in Woburn. The hike starts at the parking lot across from the intersection of Beacon Street & Sturgis Street, in Woburn, Ma. You can find this intersection by using www.mapquest.com

Distance: About a 40 minute walk not including clue solving and stamping.

Stamp: Hand-Drawn and Hand-Carved

Terrain: Easy flat terrain, with a few rocky inclines. Dogs welcome.

To the Horn Pond Letterbox
In the parking lot face the pond -- you will begin your trek on the sidewalk to the right.

As the treasure quest begins around Horn Pond you go.
Turn towards the wooden bridge and watch for ducks below.
In a few steps you will come to what must be the throne of an animal king.
Take the trail away from the pavement, over “sandy beaches” and listen to the birds sing.
You will come to the first of many divergent paths along your quest.
Here, heading away from the pond is certainly best.
Continue through the woods past some plumbing that seems out of place.
At the triangular intersection stay on course and keep up the pace.
At the next intersection the “Log-Man’s” left arm points the way,
You will end up at a five-way intersection and must heed what we say.
At the intersection you will see a bench, quick count the D’s,
Now you must count off the trails, clock-wise if you please.
You came in on trail number zero, and must follow the trail whose number you've counted
If you pass over a forty-five planked bridge then you know you have found it.
You will be on this trail for awhile, enjoy the solitude and the wildlife mix,
The beauty is only interrupted by a structure we’d love to see eighty-sixed.
At the next intersection head towards the “rusty candy cane.”
At the “candy cane’s” twin you will find yourself at a four way intersection once again.
At the intersection you must not travel under a canopy of branches,
Nor over water should you take your chances.
The decision is tough it is true but we’ll give you a hint that you are on the right track.
A little ways down on the right hand side a number ten should be at your back.
Proceed on your quest until an intersection with a metal triangle at the site.
The lowest rod points the way that is right.
Along the pond to a large fork in the road continue to walk.
Here follow along the dark evergreen forest past the spotted rock.
At a triangle in the path leave the evergreens behind,
Heading to the pond should be at the front of your mind.
Just before the pond to another intersection you will come,
Stand and face the toe-touching man, the path HIS right hand points to is the one.
Head up the rocky slope till you find on the right, a man-made tree,
Twenty paces more and on the left your path you will see.
Climb up this steep path winding along to the top of the hill,
Reach the crest and follow the stone wall a little further still.
You will come to a four way intersection marked by a big bolder,
Take the rarely trodden path which has no tree overlooking its’ shoulder.
Your quest is nearly over the trickiest part is through,
Follow this overgrown trail until you reach some fallen trees and a remarkable view.
As you overlook the pond, enjoy the view which you see
Your treasure lies between two rocks which are guarded by a tree.

Rehide well after stamping in!

Continue along the overgrown trail which you are on.
The trail will go down steeply and then turn to the left bringing you out to the trail with the man-made tree.
Turn right and when you reach the intersection with the toe-touching man turn right again.
Follow this path to the paved path and take a left.
Follow to the bulletin board and turn right to find your car.