C.U. Yellow Jacket Box  LbNA # 15095 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 22 2005
LocationCedarville, OH
Found By Horselovergirl
Last Found Mar 24 2008
Hike Distance?

In order to find this box you will need to use mapquest to find Tarbox-Cemetery Road. Warning: This cemetery is not a good make out spot for Cedarville students who are seeking to escape the watchful eye of the deans and RAs. This area is patrolled often and you will be caught. Not that we know from personal experience.

Massie's creek cemetery is where you'll begin
through the main gate is where you'll go in.

At the fork take a left so you won't be a stranger
on the right you will pass a Walker Texas Ranger

you'll want to veer left at the pillar marked Reid
left again, after 10, you'll pick up some speed

With Opal to left and Stormont to right
stop short of McConnel the end is in sight!

Enjoy the view of Massie's creek
turning left up the hill you'll find what you seek

Walk past a pattern of two_four_two
you'll end up with margret when you are through

Take steps to the tree, perhaps about seven
you'll find little Mary pointing towards heaven.

The box is beneath, enjoy what you've found!
Please leave well-covered so the box stays around!

*Please contact the placer at Abbiethegreat@hotmail.com to update on the box's condition. Thank you!