it's a jungle out there  LbNA # 15078

Placed DateMay 14 2005
Location???, NH
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 4 2013
Hike Distance?

“Detective Wood, do you agree that this is quite a puzzling affair?”

“Yes, I do Inspector North. The artwork that was stolen seems to be part of a collection. A collection of rubber stamps from what I understand, which by itself has no particular value other than the image it gives. I have also heard there is a diary involved. I only hope we have enough time to piece together the facts before a stranger finds it.. Have you yet interviewed the witness to this atrocious crime?”

“Yes Inspector, indeed I have. The suspects have been narrowed down to two individuals. Uneksia says Gollum is guilty of the crime and of course Gollum says Uneksia is guilty. I think perhaps after listening to the witnesses they are both culpable.”

“Ahhh, interesting theory Detective Wood. What leads you to that conclusion?”

“The facts my, dear Inspector, the facts. Sweet pea has stated that both suspects were seen together headed east at 4:00. Wimpy reports having seen the suspects with a medium sized box. Then there is the statement by little man and little lady who swear that they saw their vehicle in a dirt parking lot. The chess master stated that it was clearly an inside job.”

“Seems to me Detective that you are on the right track. There is still quite a bit of information that is needed before we can reach a solution. Do we know the time of the theft and does it agree with the facts as we know them?”

“That should be an easy thing to determine Inspector, a small matter of checking time schedules. In the meantime let us interrogate little man and little lady. Perhaps we can pinpoint this dirt parking lot. I am sure there must be a proprietor there that would have some knowledge of this crime.”

Excellent idea Detective North, shall we proceed?