Dragonfly  LbNA # 14962 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 8 2005
LocationBlairsville, PA
Found By geckospot
Last Found Jul 3 2006
Hike Distance?

Dragonfly goes biking
on West Penn Trail (see rails to trails website)

From Hwy. 22 between New Alexandria and Blairsville go North on Westinghouse Road. Follow Road to its very end (after Westinghouse Plant on your left keep going straight ahead and follow the West Penn Trail sign, cross over a railroad and park at the parking lot at the dead end of this road.
Follow the West Penn Trail for about 2 miles. Read the interpretive signs and enjoy the interesting nature area with its historical flair. Directly after you crossed the third LARGE bridge ( somewhere between the 9.5 and 9 miles marker) stop at the last post of the railing to your right. Make a 90 degree turn to your right, walk parallel to the water for 6 paces. Stop, stretch out your left arm to the side. You will find the letterbox at the base of the tree you touch.
Please be careful, when retrieving the letterbox as there are usually quite a lot of people around. Also please try to rehide the traces of retrieving you might leave. Some easy climbing involved.
Roundtrip about 4 miles, 1.5 hours. Much faster by bike! :) Very easy, flat terrain. Gorgeous nature. Enjoy!

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