Wags and Tails  LbNA # 14896 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 5 2005
LocationPacific Grove, CA
Found By Detamores
Last Found May 22 2005
Hike Distance?

Notes: Walking trail, bike,skates and dog friendly.

Clues: This letterbox was placed in time for the SPCA's walk-fundraiser called Wag and Walk.

Take HWY1 to Pacific Grove exit where HWY1 intersects HWY68.
Wind over 68 into Pacific Grove. HWY68 turns into Forest Ave. at about 2.7 miles. Come down Forest Ave. into and through Pacific Grove, at 4.1 miles you will be at the bottom of Forest Ave. and at the ocean. Park at Lover's Point. Take the walking trail to Monterey. (For Wag and Walk participants you can find this box on your return route to Monterey). Walk past the mural on your right depicting Pacific Grove in the 1800's. Past this spot will be some wooden steps, on your right, leading into a park. Don't take those, but to your left you will see a trail to the ocean. Take about 10 steps on this path and you will see a path through the weeds to the ocean and some benches. By the bench to your right, under a large white rock, is your stamp. Please be discreet and cover the edges of the rock with the nearby chips of wood. Enjoy your walk!