What am I? Mystery animal series #2 **MISSING**  LbNA # 14877 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 4 2005
LocationRobin Hill Park, Moon, PA
Planted ByGenetic Blend    
Found By DigitalMom
Last Found Jun 15 2007
Hike Distance?

Can you guess what animal I am? **MISSING** Will try to replace

Here are some clues:

My scientific name is Turdis migratorius. I am about ten inches in length. I like to eat insects, small snakes, grapes, cherries and tomatoes. My babies can eat up to one hundred meals a day! I am the adult male, and I feed and train my babies. My average life-span is about 6 years, but if I am lucky, I can live to be 14. I make my nest in trees.

Now can you find me?

I am in Robin Hill Park which is located on Thorn Run Road in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. There is a map of the park and the various trails posted in the parking lot.

Once you park in Robin Hill's lot, you can choose to go one of two ways. I will give directions to the shorter of the two ways first. You can find an ampitheater back behind the Robin Hill Mansion. (The mansion is the second of the two buildings.) Behind the ampitheater is the beginning of Beech Trail. At the start of the trail, there is a black mailbox with a trail guide inside. You can remove the trail guide to use if you want, but they ask that you replace the guide after your hike. Walk down Beech Trail past posts that are numbered 20 and 19. You will pass two benches on your right, then one bench on your left. The bench on your left will be at post number 18. Continue on the trail until you get to post 16. You will see another bench on your right. Stop at this bench. Facing the bench you will see a fallen log to the right of, and behind the bench. Follow that log to a tree stump. My nest is about five feet off of the ground in the tree stump.

If you want a longer hike, you can go this way: Start at the Coventry Log Cabin, and take the Log Cabin Spur Trail.
You will pass the following posts numbered 22, 23, 24, and 26. At the end of Log Cabin Spur, make a right. You will be on Ridgeback Trail. Follow Ridgeback to Beech Trail. You will be at a "Y". Beech Trail goes in both directions. To the left is post 13 and to the right is post 14. Go to the right. Pass post 15. At post 16 you will see a bench. Behind that bench is my hiding place. I am inside a tree stump about five feet off of the ground.

Note: I checked this letterbox on April 28, 2006, and found it to be in excellent condition.
Note: I checked this letterbox on May 9, 2007, and again found it to be in excellent condition and with a lot of signatures! Apparently there is a geocache nearby also, because some people have noted in the book that they found this letterbox "by accident". So if you geocache, you can get a two-for-one on this trip.
**Received an email 8-27-2008 box missing**