Ridley Creek Bird Series  LbNA # 14861 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 2 2005
LocationMedia, PA
Planted ByBirdlady    
Found By Psychiker
Last Found Sep 17 2006
Hike Distance?

9/8/2006: The birds have migrated for the winter! They plan to be back in the spring. Thank you all who have stamped up!

This is an easy series, on a five mile loop, stroller and leashed dog friendly. The main challenge is stealth. Boxes are close to the road so discretion is advised, especially on busy weekends.

To get to the paved hiking loop, take West Chester Pike (Route 3) to Providence Road, then south on Providence. Make a right on Bishop Hollow Road to an area called Sycamore Mills, where Bishop Hollow intersects with Barren Hill/Chapel Road. You may park in the parking area over the bridge, or along Chapel Hill Road if the parking area is full. You can usually pick up a park map at the wooden stand at the entrance if you so desire. Enjoy!

With a grateful nod to Robert Frost:

Whose woods these are, I think I know
They're here in bud, and leaf, and snow
They do not mind us visiting
To watch their ever-changing show...

My little dog must think it queer
To stop without a hydrant near
He stands by me, without a word
As I enjoy the season's birds.

Box #1 ***Pulled for repairs 3/11/2006***
This bird calls while on the wing
And does a most intriguing thing
Drops 'bait' in creeks to lure his prey
And dives in like the great Osprey.

Through the entrance, past the falls
"Up the hill!" this birdie calls,
Twelve paces past the tree that's first
You'll find the object of your search
Behind the big tree on your right
Please try to keep him out of sight!

(this box also contains a list of the names of the numbered trees along the way; please take a copy if you so desire).

Box #2 ***MIA 6/26/05***
This little aerial acrobat
Loves to perch on twigs and chat
A most loquacious bird is he
Singing "Chick-a-dee-dee-dee!"

Walk with Ridley on your right
Filled with angler's delights.
Past tree five you'll see a reach
Of branches fallen from a beech.
From where these limbs originated
You'll be sweetly serenaded.

Box #3 ***MIA 11/16/05***
This holy bird's a fiery red
He's easily noticed overhead.
His bride is not so readily seen,
She's brushed with tan and olive green.

Continue on along the trail
Where fishermen and fowl prevail
Path contines, following brook
Allowing scenic overlooks.
On the left you'll pass old stones
That someone used to call their home.
A bench invites to 'sit a spell'
At the crossing of the blue trail
Follow Blue up to the place
Where Blue turns right and White stays straight
Just before the arrowed tree
Logs on left hide this birdie.

Box #4 ***1/15/2006 Missing Stamp***
His feathers are a brilliant blue
Across fields he flies into view
You'll see he wears an orange vest
And prefers a wooden house the best.

Return to blacktop from your perch
And continue on your search.
Stairs go up, but you do not -
It's on the road you've cast your lot.
Thirsty? Tired? Take a seat if you must
But don't expect to catch a bus.
A metal tube you must pass through
As soon as you're out, here's what to do -
See if you can solve this riddle:
Rocks on right, with tree in middle.

Box #5 ***MIGRATED 9/8/2006*****
You'll know where this great driller goes
From telltale rectangular holes.
Your treat, to see him, statuesque
With deep black wings and scarlet crest.

Go on forward, down the road
Past a grand old bridge of stone
Trees get larger; by 1.9
"Land of the Giants" comes to mind.
On right, a moose head springs from ground
Looks more so when, past, you turn around.
The Champ may someday hold a box
But not that home of crumbling rocks
When you finally reach an island green
Three paces from 1120 it'll be seen
At sassafras base, under tree skin
Be discreet when stamping in!

Box #6
Look up! This bird soars into view
His shadow may pass over you.
He scans the ground from overhead
In hopes that soon he may be fed.

The road turns left, and so should you
You'll notice that it narrows, too.
A map shows just how far you've come
And distance left 'til you are home.
Come to a road no longer taken
Right on this path take 28 paces.
Look for a deer gap on the right
Take 14 steps in - stay out of sight
Look over your left shoulder and see
Seven steps take you to a multi trunk tree.

Box #7
The next warbler, black and white
Keeps busy at a dizzying height.
Feeds on pine cones' bristly treats
And is known for aerobatic feats.

Go back to the newly narrowed trail
Where catbirds and robins now prevail.
A right turn takes you on your way
To follow the road without delay.
It turns left and widens once again
A fence on the right keeps pines locked in.
Stump ahead on right in need of a trim
Advises you that you're honing in
Nine o'clock painted blue on the road
Follow the hour ten paces, I'm told
Behind the largest tree you'll see
This birdie waits to be set free.

Box #8
Who-who-who lives in those pines?
Must be the question on your minds.
He rests by day, and feasts at night
Little critters best keep out of sight!

A field on left - it's strange to see
All that grass, only one tree.
A cross guarded trail on left you'll eye
On right, a tree with seven trunks raised high.
A hazardous tree appears ready to hurl
Its fruits if you're a tree-picking girl
Does X mark the spot? Not this time 'round
And it's not on left down stairs in the ground.
Just over a bridge, left onto the white
12 paces under some bark on your right.

Box #9 ****MIA 8/1/2006****
In summertime, this cheery fellow
Boasts a coat of brightest yellow
Come winter, and it's anyone's guess
Who is Mister, and who is Miss.
For then they're both an brownish-green
Amidst the woods they're rarely seen
So many trees for this bird to hide
But in a letterbox he now resides.

Down the hill, past stands of pine
On your way to box #9.
Bench and boulder serve as a sign
You're on your way - you're doing fine!
Two paces past the low bridge wall
On road's right side you should stand tall
Look above eye level, about two o'clock
See that most suspicious rock?

Once you're done, box tucked safely away
Continue down the steep hill way.
You'll see you've made a complete loop
When you stand at the birder's stoop.
Can you name any as they perch?
Some you found along your search.
Hope you found these boxes a feathery treat
Now rest! And get off of your feet.