Placed DateMay 1 2005
LocationRichmond, VT
Found By ACD Trio
Last Found Jul 31 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a very easy walk, about 1/4 mile. From traffic light in Richmond, take Bridge St. (Bridge st. turns into Huntington rd.) go 4.1 miles turn left onto Dugway Rd. Take Dugway 1.5 miles to parking area. * There is a NO PARKING ANYTIME sign left of the parking area, * start at that sign (Walk on the road) take 170 paces to the Huntington Gorge sign (enjoy the view) * from that sign take 90 paces (on the road) * take right onto path * when the path Y stop, * look to your left, * you will see 2 trees & 2 large rocks. * Look behind the rocks & under the smaller rocks. NOTES: Please bring your own pen and inkpad. Make sure you cover the letterbox well there are many people using this area in the summer.

The box is in for the winter