"GOTT"  LbNA # 14733

Placed DateApr 29 2005
CountyNew London
LocationFranklin, CT
Found By Rocklun
Last Found Jan 27 2017
Hike Distance?

“GOTT”~~~ A Tag - Along
Located in Franklin, on route 207
Bailey’s Ravine is the place to go! If you have already hiked around at Bailey’s Ravine, then you already know of its haunting beauty. There are other letterboxes planted on this great loop. This Tag-Along starts at the last box in the Safari Series planted by Flutterby.
So—find Zebra and off you go for these three boxes. On the white trail by Zebra, take a heading of 60 degrees and walk in that direction on the wide trail. When the white trail turns sharply left [westerly] walk a few feet ahead on this wide road and notice a pile of rocks up on the right. Go up onto the rocks and find box number one, “Oh My Gosh”
Go back to the white trail and go west. Soon you will hop a small stream and notice you are at the top of the falls. Continue along past stone walls. As the wall turns , notice a huge tree [maybe a ‘Nooning Tree?] off in the woods at 260 degrees. Begin walking towards that tree and stop about half way and look under a rock behind a tree for box number two, “What’s This ?”
Back on the white trail, continue on and soon pass through a stone wall and then stop at another stone wall. Before you climb over this wall, take a reading of 310 degrees.
This is a long off trail walk to a stone wall you can see. It is taller at its far end which stops on a rock ledge. The largest stone in the wall is about 25 feet from the end. . The third letterbox “ Pay Back” is at ground level beneath this large rock. Do not move any stones in the wall.
Continue on the white trail and down the rocks to your car.
Enjoy the hike, Butterfly