Bashakill  LbNA # 14633 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2005
LocationWurtsboro, NY
Planted ByBob393    
Found By atlantictime
Last Found Jul 21 2006
Hike Distance?



Welcome to the Bashakill Letterbox. This letterbox is part of my Basher kill Splendor Geocache which I placed a couple of years ago. Itís a short walk from the parking lot over level ground. There is about 50 feet of bush whacking at the end but nothing serious.

Oh yah, Please donít laugh at the stamp. Itís my first attempt at stamp carving and I think it came out, well, ok.


Take the New York State autobahn, Rout 17 to exit 113. At the end of the ramp take Rout 209 south for 1.3 miles. On your left is a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation sign announcing the Bashakill Wild Life Management Area, turn left at the sign onto the dirt driveway. The parking area is at the dead end .4 miles straight ahead.


On the left side of the parking lot, north side, are two dirt trails. Either trail is fine but the one closest to the river is best. Stay on the trails closest to the river and walk 150 paces. Off this sort of main trail are two small trails that go directly to the river as fishing access points. Do not take the side trails continue heading north past the large pine trees. If all is well you should be at a spot where the trail seems to end at an old stone wall almost completely buried. The ground drops down as you cross the old stone wall onto a flat area. 20 paces ahead on your left is a large double trunk pine tree. Pass it by 5 paces and turn 90 degrees east facing the river. Directly in front of you by ten paces is a double trunk deciduous tree with the right trunk also double. Walk to the tree. Looking down at the stone wall to your right is a flat rock. The letterbox is under that rock in camouflage ammunition can. Remember itís also a listed Geocache so there are things to trade in there. Look for the separate zip lock bag with the letterboxing items in it.

Iím new at this so I solicit any comments good or bad. I know these are difficult directions but they seem to work.

After you succeed enjoy the Bashakill, It is some of the best looking lowlands I have ever seem. If you have a NY fishing license by all means bring your poll its super fishing.