Thurston Park Eye...RECARVED  LbNA # 14557 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2005
LocationSpringfield, OR
Planted ByTCE    
Found By Fishnfamily
Last Found Sep 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Thurston Park Eye

Two of these 3 boxes have NEW hiding places, and new stamps!

To the Park:

Going West on Main Street in Springfield.
Turn right on North 66th Street(they may have changed the signs to simply 66th by now).
Turn left on "A" Street (no pun intended),
Then right on 64th.
When you come to "D" Street (once again, no pun intended), you'll look for Thurston Park on your left.

If you go down a little hill and continue on into the neigborhood, well, you went a little bit too far, and you won't go in at the main entrance unless you turn around.

IF you are coming East on Main Street in Springfield, you'll turn left on North 66th Street. Then the rest of the park directions are the same.

To the boxes :)!!!

Go into the main entrance past the big oak tree.
Walk down the concrete path. You can walk in the grass if you want...but if it has rained in the last couple days it'll be kinda soggy. As you walk, you'll notice that some of the trees look like they're melting into the ground. Weird huh? There should really be a box for the melty trees but there isn't one yet. Maybe later...

Continue on the Concrete path until come to a fork. Go right at the fork. See the big cottonwood trees? Don't look there, there's not any good places to hide a box there. But, if you go to the North East corner where there are 6 cedar trees, and 1 Spruce, that's the place 2 look. Find the northern most tree in that bunch. The box would be at the base of the second tree over.

The Letter-box.
Find the Basketball Court. It is painted green, (well it was the last time I checked, when I hid the box). But, I've seen it red before, and I think it's even been black. But, for now it's green.
Find the big cement box nearby with a black metal lid.
Find the ivy covered stump West of the big cement box with the black metal lid. It's next to the fence there.
Look next to the North side in the ivy on the stump you found.

The last Box.
Continue on the cement path. It's not as muddy if you go on the Basketball Court, then on the sidewalk to go back into the park. Anyway, continue on the cement path on the East side of the Basketball Courts.

When you get to a fork to go right or left at the playground, go right...up the little hill under the big doug firs until you come to the turnsyle enterance in the South West corner of the park. It leads to Thurston High School.

If you look east from that turnstyle enterance there are clumps of evergreens along the south side, next to the fence. It's the second set of trees, after the neighborhood enterance, at the tree first there as you go east.

IF you do the boxes in order, and put all 3 on the same page, you'll see what you've just done, IN pictures :)

If the boxes need some help, or they're missing or something, let me know at

Happy Hunting :)