Joural-istic Integrity  LbNA # 14542 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 17 2005
LocationAtascocita Library, Atascocita, TX
Found By Wry Me
Last Found Jan 2 2012
Hike Distance?

Placed by FaithDuck

Update 5/06: The picnic table is no longer there and the book is almost full of stamps. We no longer live in the area so if anyone would like to adopt this box and replace the stamp book inside let me know!

I'd been planning on taking my kids letterboxing for months. After I took over a second site at ( I was especially intent on letterboxing...I knew it would make a great article!

My 5 year old son wasn't willing to wait one more day after he heard me discuss the plan so I quickly carved him a stamp and we found two boxes this afternoon.

That wasn't going to be enough...he had to make one of his own too! And hide it TONIGHT. He planned the stamp (it spells his name when stamped) and the venue (our local library). He even choose the hidey place. So all props to him for this one!

For more information on the Atascocita Library, check here:

The box is hidden in the grassy area behind the building. Drive around and park in the back. There is a broken down picnic table sitting next to a pine tree.

When you walk to the picnic table and face the pine tree, you will see another pine tree at 11 o'clock. Unlike the rest of the trees in the area, this tree has a smaller tree growing right next to it, so it looks shrubby and underbrushy (yes! shrubby and underbrushy are TOO words!) and less cultivated than the others. The box is at the back side of the tree, facing the fence. It is under some pine needles and weighed down by a concrete block.

The first page of the mini-book is stamped with the image we carved this box and the words Journaling@BellaOnline (I'm writing a series of articles about letterboxing for the site so it is marked for any readers who find this clue through the site.) The first two pages are stamped with mine and my son's personal stamps at his request.

He made me buy more erasers to carve on the way home so I'm sure we will be hiding more soon!