Lantern of Light ***RETIRED  LbNA # 14537 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 17 2005
LocationRockbridge, OH
Planted Bytrailtracker    
Found By DSS
Last Found Aug 17 2007
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Lantern of Light ***RETIRED

Bring: pen or pencil, a compass and a stamp pad
Difficulty: Directions are super easy HOWEVER this incline is up there. ***Please be careful, look to see where the box is hidden and then approach from an easier direction than straight uphill. If it is snowy or rainy, you may want to wait for a better day to tackle this one.
Stamp: handmade
One pace = two steps

Take the Rockbridge exit off Rt. 33 by the Citco Gas Station following the road as it bends to the left. Go to the first stop sign and turn left onto one of Ohio's many unmarked streets. Follow this no-name road as it makes a hard bend to the right and goes past an cool-looking old abandoned building on the left. You will see a gravel pull off on the right. If no one is there, pull off and check out the natural water source. After you notice water on your left with a very large split boulder in it, watch for a gravel pull off on your left. Stop here. Look for the tree with the blue markings at the easterly end of this pull off. From a spot along the road even with that tree, go 80 paces along the road. At that point you should be at a very large moss covered boulder with a smaller 6-foot or so tree with it's top lopped off. From the high side of this boulder, take a reading of 160* and look at what should be about 8-10 paces at that bearing. You should see another large boulder with a hollow spot at the front bottom. Lantern of Light is hiding behind some rocks inside that hollow. *** Please be careful in your descent making your way to an easier way back down.