Super Cycle II **Retired 07/18/2007  LbNA # 14492 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 13 2005
LocationChilo, OH
Planted Bytrailtracker    
Found By anniebananie
Last Found Mar 24 2006
Hike Distance?

Super Cycle II **Retired 07/18/2007

Bring: a pen or pencil, a compass and a stamp pad
Difficulty: Super easy of course
Stamp: Handmade

The vast majority of clues have been respectfully stolen from fanzsolo and this box has been placed in support of his, with the original name of Super Cycle. Look for his first and then this will make more sense!

The US Army Corps of Engineers begin improving the Ohio River in 1824 by dredging sandbars and removing snags. The first lock and dam was completed in 1885 about five miles below Pittsburgh, and 12 more were built in 1910. Channelization of the river was completed in 1929 with 50 lock and dam structures in operation. This system was later replaced by a high rise system of 20 dams. Nine navigational projects (locks and dams) are in operation today along the Ohio river bordering Ohio.

Clues :
The entrance is on US 52 near Chilo ,Ohio
Right side of road going East.
After entering the Dam driveway,turn LEFT and continue to the very most EASTERN end of the parking lot. From the center of the triangle painted on the guardrail, go 12 paces 2 115* to a large tree. Super Cycles II is behind the tree under a rock at the base.

Please rehide well and let me know if you find this.

Note: Franzsolo also has another box very close by.
While you are there check out his "Meldahl Dam " letterbox.