Safety First Series - PFD *** RETIRED  LbNA # 14491 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 14 2005
LocationBainbridge, OH
Planted Bytrailtracker    
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Bring: pen or pencil, a compass and stamp pad.
Difficulty: Very easy to find, climb to box is not long but it is up a steep incline.

Go to Pike Lake State Park which is located south of Bainbridge off Rt. 41. There are signs taking you there from Rt. 50. Pike Lake is also north of Morgantown. If coming south from Rt. 50 once inside the park grounds, go past the beach island area, then past the park ranger office, immediately after is a sign to the LB Camp Grounds, and parking right across the road. Park there. You are going to walk a bit farther down the road until you see the sign on the right for the Wildcat Hollow Nature Trail at the trailhead.

Go up to the top of the wooden railroad tie steps. From the top step follow the trail to the right for approx. 65 paces (over two large fallen trees) to a rotted tree stump approx. 3 feet tall on your left right next to the trail. From the stump go 8 paces 2 120* to a tree with the initials "P.D." carved in the trunk. Look behind rocks blocking entrance to hollow at the base of that tree. Please rehide well with rocks so critters can't get inside.

Let me know if you find it. Letterboxer Blue Frog has two boxes at this park as well!