A Way of Life - Platter Family Cemetary ***RETIRED  LbNA # 14490 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 14 2005
LocationBainbridge, OH
Planted Bytrailtracker    
Found By Team Mad Dawg
Last Found Jun 19 2005
Hike Distance?

Bring: pen or pencil, a compass and stamp pad
Difficulty: Super easy

Take Rt. 50 west of Bainbridge to Potts Hill (Road). The name road is not on the street sign. Go south of Potts Hill for exactly .5 miles. At this point Potts Hill curves sharply to the right but you want to break off Potts Hill by going straight. As soon as you break off onto that gravel road you will see on your left a very cool tiny stone wall enclosed cemetary at the corner of a very sharp curve. Park off to the right just before the curve.

Find the iron gate and step just even with the gate. Take 10 steps (not paces or you'll have to hurdle on over the wall already) along the wall running east-west to your right. The wall is comprised of 5 courses of stone. Your prize is located at the 10-step mark, just over top of the bottom course behind a small rock and a larger flatter rock that can be removed from the wall. Please rehide carefully and before leaving, note the few graves across the road from the cemetary sign.

Please let me know if you find this and happy boxing!