1,2,3,4 Biltmore - The Garden, Being There, FLO, E  LbNA # 14188

Placed DateJun 28 2002
LocationAsheville, NC
Planted ByMountainScorpia    
Found By EspressoErb
Last Found Jun 4 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 12 2015

Planted with the kind permission of the Biltmore Estate.
Fee area; visit www.biltmore.com for admission prices and other information.

Leashed dogs okay; please pick up after them.

NOTE: This are semi-wild and often DAMP places. Be sure to NOT lay box lids, logbooks, or stamps down onto damp logs, grass, or rocks. They'll pick up moisture and bring it back into the boxes. And be sure the lids are securely snapped on all four sides before you replace the boxes.

First planted 6-19-2002

(Wherever the nice people have you park, just walk UP the hill, away from the House.)
Let your feet take you up to Diana and her dog in her little temple.
Take the gravel path on the right to an intersection. There's a little red/black arrow pointing exactly at the spot you want. Don't GO that direction; it's literally pointing at the spot you want, above the bank behind it - think 2D, not walking that way.
Beyond the fallen log, the remnants of a fence.
Where the fence leans against the tree, find it.
Be sure to cover it back up when you're done.

NO. 2 - Being There
Seeded 6-18-11
Find out where the Gardener livd and go to visit, but heed the warning and look below. Chance the Gardener is right there. BE DISCREET - snatch and go sit somewhere else to stamp up; thank you. Cover, cover, cover!

No. 3 - FLO (Frederick Law Olmsted)
Seeded 6/19/2002 (originally)
From Chance the Gardener, follow the brick walk across the auto road toward the Azalea Garden. Watch your footing. At the second Drain Grate,leave the path, crossing the grass slope to another path. Turn Right a little ways. Left on the short dirt path and Left again to a rock pile. Fred is in a cleft. Restore his hiding place!

No. 4 - Edith Vanderbilt
Seeded 6-18-2011

After re-hiding Fred, continue downstream to where five paths come more or less together. Follow the gravel path down to the right a short distance. On the left, between the gravel path you're on and the "main" path, there is a small evergreen, where Edith discreetly waits for you, in a black silk stocking.