April Fool letterbox series  LbNA # 14162

Placed DateApr 1 2005
LocationSaugatuck, MI
Planted ByThree Travelers    
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Sep 11 2011
Hike Distance?


Note: In France, on April Fool's day, the person who is fooled is referred to as the April Fish. Given that, we felt it only appropriate to take you down the Fishtown Trail.

We recommend you bring a compass, a beach blanket and a bottle (water).

To start your journey, park as close as you can to the northeastern end of the Oval Beach parking lot in Saugatuck. From the paved horseshoe, follow the path of least resistance. Don't trespass, but rather bear right.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. At the fifth sign, turn 90 degrees to your right and up the incline. You will quickly meet the next path. From here, bear left and head due east. Like President Clinton, pass between the two Bushes.

In keeping with the political theme, it is now your chance to vote. You can go left around the oak trees, or you can go right. Curiously, you end up in the same spot either way.

Historical note: This path once connected Fishtown with Saugatuck. Looking across the water, you can see the pilings of the former pier. These pilings pass under the dunes and continue into Lake Michigan at what was the original mouth of the Kalamazoo River. Across the water is the location of Singapore, Saugatuck's "Lost City" that was buried by the shifting sand dunes. You will also see a lighthouse across the water, a reconstruction of the original which was destroyed by a tornado. It was rebuilt as a summer home. The house has no electricity and no running water.

Now continue east, pausing for a quick turn on the dance floor. Note that the woods become a bit thicker here.

As the path turns gently uphill to the left, note the cluster of roots beneath a large tree. Continue along this path, walking up the rooted steps.

You will soon see a cluster of silver trees on the right. The first box is hidden under the tree running away from Lori and Don.

To find April Fool 2, continue up the path, past more rooted steps to the top of the peak. It's all downhill from here. April Fool's. It's mostly downhill. As you advance, deep ravines appear on both sides.

You will soon see the giant laughing deer head to your left. Pass for some time along the long and winding road. When the path starts to curve, you'll see a large dead soldier on the left at the curve of the path. What might have felled this otherwise healthy tree? A giant, perhaps?

A short 55 steps beyond this point, another battlefield. You will see an arch on the right. The arch points your way to the log that hides the second box.

To get back to your car, simply turn these instructions upside-down.

Happy April Fool's Day!