Mary Jane's stoop  LbNA # 14138 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 1 2005
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationArroyo Grande, CA
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This is an "R" rated box!
All of the highschool students seem to gather here when they ditch school.It is not an idealistic letterbox site and may not be "kid" appropriate; but I thought it was interesting and it seemed like a hard enough place to get to, so I decided to place one here just for the heck of it! The clues are here:

*At the end of a SHORT street there is a lot of room for parking unless it is Strawberry Festival season for, this is the site of one of our local festivals.
* There is a green swinging bridge and a sign with "sqatting dog" on it, DON'T go this way, just follow the yellow brick road all the way down.
*Follow the rapids eastward, you will.
*All the way till you pass under a large bridge overhead.
*You will come to some artificial "steps" and head up.
*Follow your feet into a open area with obscene heiroglyphics, face north, the creek at your back.(pardon the smell)
*If you are following the directions correctly, on your left, there will be a ramp, go up and watch your footing at the top.
*The steps will lead you nowhere, so find the pillars of hope for this sad place.
*At the base of the 4th pillar from the steps, will be your itty prize.
*If you keep walking about Westward, the way out will be much easier than the way in. (sure you could have gone that way to get in, but it wouldnt have been as much fun!)