Ducks in Dublin Series#3 The Bective Abbey  LbNA # 14028 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 30 2005
CountyOther International
LocationTrim, Ireland, INT
Found By C2B2
Last Found Jul 16 2005
Hike Distance?

STATUS: Confirmed but as of 07/24/05

DIFFICULTY: Easy/Moderate

Ducks in Dublin Series #3

I origionally posted this letterbox in early may but the clues seemed to have dissapeared and I dont have a copy so this will be from memory, should be relativly easy to find however.

Background Information

Bective Abbey was founded in 1150 by Murchadh O' Melaghin, King of Meath, for the Cistercians, and was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. It was an abbey of some importance as the Abbot was a spiritual lord and sat in the Parliament of the Pale. Hugh De Lacy, was buried there in 1195, but was eventually moved to Dublin. The abbey was suppressed in 1536 and the lands were rented to Thomas Asgarde, and eventually bought by Andrew Wyse in 1552. It passed into the hands of the Dillons and then the Boltons, before fallling into ruin. The chief features of the ruins are the combination of both Church and Defence. The Cloister is the best preserved of the buildings and there is a pillar of a figure carrying a crozier. There are also some beautiful arches which are still intact


You can park along the road anywhere near the gates to the abbey but be sure not to block any of the farm gates. There are plans in the works to add a parking area to make visiting easier but for now this interesting site is little visited and a great place to picnic.

Once you are inside the Abbey grounds head toward the old cloister garden area (there is a map at the entrance to the abbey)
and wall furthest from the road that runs parallel (approximately) to the road and looks out over a cow pasture and further to the river.

Facing this wall find a window on the left hand end that has a ledge large enough to stand on. It is where two walls intersect. Standing on the ledge look above you to the left and you will see a hole in the wall. If you need it there is a stone jutting out part of the way up that you can stand on to reach. The box is located inside the hole.

Enjoy beautiful County Meath and happy boxing