Christmas Vacation  LbNA # 13731 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 20 2004
CountySan Diego
LocationEscondito, CA
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~*~Reported as Missing~*~

Our family planted this letterbox on Christmas Vacation. The kids helped carve the stamp and choose the hiding spot :-)


Kit Carson park was names after Christopher (Kit) Carson, the famous scout who guided Captain John C. Fremont over the Sierra Nevada Mountains during a government exploration expedition. Kit Carson park spans over 280 acres with 185 acres being preserved as a natural habitat. It is home to Queen Califia's Magical Circle, the only American sculpture garden by the internationally acclaimed artist, Niki de Saint Phalle. Kit Carson park also houses a 5-acre arboretum: The Iris Sankey Magical Garden.


Take the 15 freeway, exit Via Rancho Parkway and head East. Turn left when you see the Kit Carson Park sign. If you come to San Pasqual Road, you went too far and will need to make a U-turn. One you've turned into the park, follow the road around, when you come to the 3rd stop sign, turn into the parking lot and park.


From the parking lot, cross the street and follow the dirt path that starts to the right of the metal gate. A small duck pond will be on your left. Once you walk over a cement "bridge", look for a cluster of palm trees on your left. Look inside the cluster of palms, under the dead palm leaves, to find the Christmas Vacation letterbox.


This is a very busy area, please be discreet when retrieving and replanting the letterbox. Be sure to cover it completely when replacing it.

The ducks at the pond are very friendly and love to be fed bread. If you stand at the edge of the pond they will come swimming over to you!

Leave time to visit Queen Califia's Magical Circle. It's one of the most beautiful places around, truly a gem.