Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone  LbNA # 13632 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 15 2005
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By Onediful
Last Found Jan 17 2011
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Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone
Location: Robious Landing Park
Directions: From Interstate 288 take Robious Rd RT711 East about 7-8 miles take a Left on James River RD. The park is at the end of the road. You will see park signs directing you to the park on Robious Rd. From Chippenham Parkway take Hugenot Rd South toward Chesterfield. Turn right on Roboius Rd. Go 3-4 miles to James River Rd and take a right. Go to the end of James River Rd to the park enterence.

The Castle
As you enter the park go to the right parking lot just before the river loop. Go to a wooded trail with double gates that donít meet in the middle. Then walk 42 paces to a Y intersection. Once you get to the Y intersection go 85 degrees East. Walk as far as you can until you come up to a T intersection. You will be by a shelter, then turn right and take 25 steps and face a fence, you will see a double tree and there hidden will be Hogwarts School.

The Sorting Hat
Head back onto the tail and go around a curve you will end up at another Y intersection. From there continue southwest (210 degrees) and go to the bridge and pack 10 paces before the bridge. Look to your right at 300 degrees there you will see a double tree, look between it and you will see another double tree. If you look around the tree you will find the sorting Hat and become a Griffendor.

Golden Snitch
Return to the trail and cross the bridge, then head 60 paces to a clearing. What a place to build a quitage if it were bigger field. Go past the clearing on your right and as soon as you get past the field look to your left for a tree with two knots at the base of the tree. Go to that tree and look to the right there will be a hollow log on the ground, you have caught the golden Snitch and will win the house cup.

Return onto the trail and you will pass a V tree and come to another intersection where you will see an arrow to follow towards a dogleg by a bridge. Cross the bridge. After you cross the bridge look 210 degrees Southwest to see a fallen tree. At the base of the tree behind the root ball on the left side you will find Fluffy protecting the Camber of Secrets, Watch out he may bite you.

Wizards Chess
Return back to the trail to seek out games, Follow the trail until you see an arrow that leads you across the road and back onto another trail. The trail will come to a T intersection go to the North past a mound and then follow the trail between the two trees. One has a ring above your head. You will need to cross the road, as soon as you cross, you will come to a bridge where the birds live, Cross it and continue down the trail until you come to a place were you could take a Potter break. Find shelter 2 and go to it, then pick up the trail where you would put your recyclables. Go to the boat dock and follow the paved trail along the river, you will come to a gravel road go to the shelter thatís in the distance. At the Eastern corner of the shelter look for a tree with a park boundary sign and behind that tree you will find Wizards Chess and STAMP OUT the chess pieces to get past.

Sorcerers Stone
After you have won the chess game return to the trail to a T intersection and continue strait for 48 paces. Look to the right and go 10 paces to a tree with a spilt, Here you will find the Sorcerers Stone to take home with you and defeat the name that is not to be said out loud. Please Take One per family. From there you can follow the trail back to the parking lot.