Fort Ward Park  LbNA # 13500 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationBainbridge Island, WA
Found By Caitilin
Last Found Apr 16 2006
Hike Distance?

Driving directions to Fort Ward State Park: From the ferry go down Olympic Dr SE and turn left onto Winslow Way E. Turn right onto Madison Ave N and then left onto Wyatt Way NW. Turn left onto Eagle Harbor Dr NE and then bear right onto Bucklin Hill Rd NE. Keep straight onto Blakely Ave NE and then keep right anto W Blakely Rd NE. Finally, turn left onto Pleasant Beach Dr NE and then left again onto Local Rd. This is only about a 15 min. drive

When you enter the park, park in the second lot which is on the left past the restrooms. Walk SE on the main road into the park going through the "Authorized Vehicles Only" gate. Walk about an eighth of a mile on the main path where you will see a dirt path off to the left marked by a four trunked young maple. Follow this path to the 10' high root ball on the left. explore the bed of sword ferns up on the hillside to the left to find the "woodpecker" letterbox.

Return to the main path. Walk SE to the concrete path on the right and go past the caretakers quarters to the first picnic table. Turn right towards the water. Go past the information kiosk to the cliffs edge overlooking the beach. Turn around and face the kiosk, look 40* to the left to a thicket and explore the base of the tree for the "Ocean Veiw" letterbox, but watch for thorns.

Head down the water's edge trail to the SE until you enter a clearing. Once in the clearing head easterly across the clearing to the paved path that goes up a hill. After crossing the main path, follow the up hill path 50 paces to the water drainage pipe on the left. Look in the area around the base of the burly maple tree just above the drainage pipe. There you should find the "Sword fern" letterbox.

Returning down to the main path, walk NW back towards the parking lot. Go past the caretakers quarters and keep your eyes out for a path to your left that leads to a bird-blind(a small shack and a bench). Sit on the bench and face the water. Look down on the ground to your left and find the "Mallard" letterbox tucked behind the wood under the wall.