Sunrise at Beacon Hill  LbNA # 13474 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 16 2005
LocationSpokane, WA
Found By Storm Crow
Last Found Dec 17 2006
Hike Distance?

Alright everyone! This is my first letterbox, so bear with me! There's a little story that goes along with it, so here goes!

Once upon a time, there were two outdoor geeks that fell head over heels in love with eachother. Sadly, they lived very far apart and only got to see eachother about once a month. On the few days that they got to see eachother, they spent very much of their time walking around outside, mountain biking, and just enjoying eachother's fantastic company. One day, they decided to hike up to the top of Beacon Hill to watch the sunrise over Spokane Valley. So they got to the top of the hill and found a perfect spot, flat and grassy looking towards Spokane's eastern hills. There on this perfect spot, they sat in eachother's arms just taking in the beauty of one of God's most fantastic pieces of art, the sunrise. While they were sitting there, being the geeky outdoor type that they were, they saw a perfect spot to place a letterbox. So, that is how, Sunrise at Beacon Hill came to be.


Get yourself to the top of Beacon Hill. (For those of you who don't know how to get there, take the Argonne exit and head north until you come to Upriver Drive, hang a left. Continue on Upriver until it forks, take the right fork, also known as Frederick. Go a little further on Frederick until you come to Havana, hang a right and go up the hill to a dirt parking lot. Park your car here. Start trucking up the dirt road until you get to the top of the hill, this is signified by several buildings and a bunch of radio towers.)

Once you're at the top of the hill, you will see a set of three telephone poles in between the brown and cinderblock buildings. From the eastern most telephone pole take seventeen steps towards Spokane Valley (south I think, I didn't have my compass on me). You should now be standing at a burnt stump. From here continue walking a straight line to a tree the splits into two trunks. There is a branch on the south side of the tree that points the way to an excellent spot to watch the sunrise. This spot is marked by a rock, a nice grassy flat spot, and a couple of small trees sticking up from beyond the cliff.

From this spot, looking dead ahead, you will see an old rusty telephone pole. Looking a bit to the left, you will see a rusty skeleton of machinery that has seen better days. Between these two, looking down the hillside from the edge of the cliff, you will see a rock sticking up. Go to this rock (be careful descending the steep hill). On the southern side of the rock you will find a crevice near the ground that is now home to the Sunrise at Beacon Hill.

Good luck, let me know if you have any problems as this is my first letterbox!