University of Oregon  LbNA # 13379 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 18 2002
LocationEugene, OR
Found By Animal Crackers
Last Found Nov 24 2005
Hike Distance?

University of Oregon Letterbox
Placed: 12-18-02
Estimated Time: If you don't stumble on the clues, about an hour
Last Checked: 2-9-03
Last Known Status: Alive and Well (though I now realize that balsa wood doesn't make strong logbooks).
Note: I replaced the location of the box and changed the last clue on 2-9-03

The point of the seemingly superfluous nature of these clues is to give the letterboxer as thorough of a tour of campus as I reasonably can. I thought it would be boring to give simple clues that lead directly to the box. Good luck!

In order to find the Univesity of Oregon Letterbox, you will need to solve a series of "preliminary" clues before you are able to get to the box. Undoubtedly, those familiar with the UO campus will find these questions easier than those who have never been here. But I crafted the clues with the intent that anyone should be able to find it.

*Items you will want/need:
*Pencil and and a printout of these clues
*Glove for reaching
*Quality map of campus. This one should have everything you will need, just make sure to print out a nice enough copy so that all of the smaller names are legible.

Part One

1. At Hayward Field there is a life-size statue of the "waffle" legend here at UO. The first letter of his last name?

2. Near a small sculpture in the courtyard to the east of Prince Lucien Cambell (PLC) hall is a plaque with a quote from a famous author. The first letter of his first name?

3. Near Condon there is a Styrux Japonicus planted for one person, dedicated to the University. What is the second letter of her last name?

4. On 13th Ave., find the large building whose main entrance is a concrete walkway lined on each side by three street lamps. The third and fourth letters in the name of this building?

5. Put answers 1-4 together to get the name of your next destination.

6. Near this building, find the bench for Mr. and Mrs. Hall. From this bench, at what direction is the tree planted in memory of "EC" ?

7. In the courtyard, to the east of the Law School, near a door, at your feet, find R. Stewart Bock. What two-diget year?

Part Two

8. On your map, from Agate Hall to the UO Bookstore, draw a line. Somewhere on your line is a statue with a poem that opens "Others have perpetuated . . . ." Find it.

9. While she sits, a man, from a distance, through glass double doors, watches her. Go meet him.

10. From him, walk roughly in the same direction that you came up with in question #6 until you find Flying Ducks.

11. Take your answer to #7 and multiply it by four. At this many degrees from the flying ducks is a building. On the outside of this building is a marker announcing that this is a National Historic Landmark.

12. Near this marker, find the tree commemorating the class of '97

13. Follow the Ivy Line roughly to the west. The box is hidden at your feet near the first small tree you come upon

More Helpful Advice:
*If any of the clues completely baffle you, ask one of the 20,000 or so knowledgable students.
*Agate Hall is often called Agate Annex

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