Sorich Pokemon Caterpies  LbNA # 13351 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 6 2005
LocationSan Anselmo, CA
Found By roeflower
Last Found Oct 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Start at the Sorich Park parking lot. Start by walking up the fire road. In about 6 minutes, you will come to a cute little bridge. There is no letterbox here! Keep going. In about another 7 minutes, you will come to a place on the right, up the hill, that looks like a big chunk of the hill was torn away, leaving a little rock cliff. At the bottom is a large dead tree trunk, on which many people pile rocks. If you explore this area a little bit, on the far left is a burnt log kind of wedged into the side of the rock. If you look inside that log, under a rock, you will find prize #1.

Now, keep walking. In about another 12 minutes of slow, complaining 7-year old walking, your road will more or less dead into a tail that goes perpindicular. To the right is a trail towards a hill. To the left and a little bit ahead is a water tank. Take a sharp left. You will quickly have a choice of two trails. Going straight will allow you to enjoy the view of the Marin Civic Center, but take the first left, instead (going about 180 degrees from the direction you came up the hill). In about 4 minutes, you will see some ruins to the left. I have left one box in these ruins (what a cool place to have had a house!). This one was kind of hard to hide, so I don't know if it will survive. But, I promise to visit every couple of weeks and move it, if it still exists, and replace it if not. So, you will never know if it is there, and if it is, you will never know where it is!

Once you finish with the ruins, keep going and you will rejoin the main fire road. Turn left. Go about two minutes, and you will see a trail up to the right. You are welcome to go up this way, and it will still get you to where you want to go, but it is not how we went, and these directions assume that you stay on the fire road.

In about 7-9 more minutes, you will come to an intersection. From the right is the little trail that veered up and to the right. There is currently a stake at the fork, with a sign about erosion control. To the left, this same trail goes out to an outlook. Try going to the outlook – you can see the East Bay. But, if you don’t go to the outlook, but keep on the fire trail, in about one minute after the intersection you will come to the first coyote brush bush on the right. Hidden behind it is your treasure. Please note; our first box in this location was taken, and we have replaced it, but it is not a good hiding place, and we are considering moving this one elsewhere.

From here, you can go back the way you came, or you can take a faster route down by continuing on about 100 yards, and taking a sharp left. This is a steep downhill, and is a little more difficult, but much faster. As you come down the fire trail, you will come to an area where the trail starts back up. Before it does, you have the opportunity to take a small trail down and to the left. Take it. It will intersect with another fire trail going down. Stay on this trail all the way down. It will leave you at some short wooden stairs between two private residences. Go down the stairs, and walk about 50 yards up the street to the left to get back to the starting point.

Congratulations! The Pokemon Krewe. We will put some more here next week.