Sea Creatures  LbNA # 13273

Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationBodega Bay-Jenner, CA
Planted ByMimulus    
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Mar 3 2016
Hike Distance?

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This is a series made for 4 friends..... You are looking for 4 identical watertight containers spraypainted black.

Box 1 Shore birds

Hwy 1
Sonoma County
Bodega Bay Community Center
Path towards the Bell Tower
Bench with shore birds
Second Monterey Pine behind bench
Lower limb...about 2 feet off the ground

Box 2 Seal
Hwy 1
Bean Ave
South Salmon Creek State Beach Parking lot
Walk back down the road you just drove in on, pass the first "No Parking" sign on right and at the second such sign on the right take path into the woods to the south, turn right after first row of trees parallel to road, search second (or was it third?) tree in second row.

Box 3 Kelp
Hwy 1
North Duncan's Landing State Beach (two entrances....not the south one which is just a parking lot overlooking the cliff, but the north entrance that leads out onto a small penisula).
The bathrooms
Go left of bathrooms to water tank.
As you face tank, the water pipe is 6 o:clock. Look to 3 o:clock and folow tree branches back to ground. Look in crotch under duff and sticks.

Box 4 Breaching Whale
Hwy 1
Willow Creek Rd (just before the Russian River Bridge)
Drive one mile until you see the two road signs, the last one reads "Paved road ends 3 miles". On the left side of the road midway between these two signs are two coyote bushes. Check the branches of the smaller one.

Note: I moved this box from its original spot, since the hillside was showing signs of this location you will only need to step off the road a few steps, it is flat and fewer obnoxious plants. 1-2 thistles, a loop of blackberry but no poison oak. Of course, conditions will vary depending on time of year and rainfall. Make sure you check out the beautiful wetlands on the right side of the road.

Have fun!