Ride the Platte River  LbNA # 13247 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 28 2005
LocationLittleton, CO
Planted ByMustapha    
Found By The Pug Posse
Last Found Sep 4 2006
Hike Distance?

Oh no! This letterbox disappeared after the jerkwade company doing construction went through! Sorry for now. I hope to eventually get a new letterbox in.

This letterbox is to celebrate all the bicyclists I see going up and down the Platte River Trail.

How to get there: If you bicycle, run, hike, or roller blade by there you won't have any trouble. Otherwise, you may consider parking in one of the parking lots around the Santa Fe, Prince St. intersection and walking in. Please take extra care if you need to cross Santa Fe or Prince to get to the trail.

Just north of the Prince Street bridge you will find a rest stop. It's a memorial for Tom Fox. Just behind the Rock with the memorial plaque you will find a loose rock. It's there! Bring your own pen to write with, the box has an ink pad.

Please let me know how its doing.