January/Months of the Year Series  LbNA # 13242

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Placed DateJan 26 2005
LocationOklahoma City, OK
Found By queendeen
Last Found Sep 26 2009
Hike Distance?

This one is still around but in pretty rough shape. Enjoy the find but it will be a while before we can replace the pieces.

This box is the first in a 12 part series. Each new box will be created to honor the uniqueness of the current month and will be placed during that month.

Take the Douglas Boulevard exit from I-40 or I-240 then go one mile east to Post Road. Go South on Post Road. Past 74th but before reaching 89th on the east side is the “Lake Stanley Draper Non-motorized Trail Head.” There is a very well maintained gravel parking lot with concrete picnic tables. These trails are primarily for bikers, so if walking be sure to yield right of way to the bikers and take care with children and pets. If you a biker plan on coming for the day. These are wonderful maintained paths with a variety of skill levels that stretch for 4 1/2 miles and more.

Follow the arrows to the TH (trailhead) go through the fence on the right and follow the yellow loop under the power lines and then left on the power line right-of-way. The yellow loop will fork right into the woods (south). All the paths are clear and there will be yellow markers along the entire path. You will stay on the yellow, which is marked as “Tier Del loco.”

You’ll continue your walk for quite a while. It will be at least 1/2 mile to the box. After a while you will come to the “Grave Jump.” Keep going you’re getting there.

Eventually the path will take you back to the power line right-of-way clearing. Here you can change paths or continue back into the woods on the yellow path. Stand by the direction path pole and look NE. You’ll see a large evergreen across the clearing. The box is nestled in the boughs of this large tree.

If you enter back into the woods and follow the yellow markers you will come to the “Cherokee Rose” box. Don’t worry you’re halfway there.