Jasper Park Letterbox Party  LbNA # 13195 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 22 2005
LocationSpringfield, OR
Planted ByTCE    
Last Found Oct 25 2013
Hike Distance?

I checked on these boxes on Saturday December 31, 2005. I checked on the first 4 boxes. THE GIFT BOX HAS BEEN RECARVED. I'LL POST NEW DIRECTIONS TO FIND IT SOON; Hopefully I'll put out some new books too...some of the old ones are getting full, or have been damaged.

Party Hat, Pepsi, and Friends are all there. I assume the last two are there as well, but I have not had the opportunity to check on them. Hopefully I'll be able to check on them when I replace the Gift box. I did notice that some boxers had not stamped all the boxes I checked on, so that means that some of them must be a little bit harder to find than others. Be diligent, don't give up, they're there. Happy hunting!

To the Jasper State Park:

From I-5 going south take the Highway 58 exit. Once on Highway 58 go through Pleasant Hill, and turn left on Parkway Road. Toward the end of Parkway Road, before you cross the river, you will see signs directing you to the park. Follow the signs and park in the parking lot.

Fees and services are:

Park rates (subject to change)
October 1 to April 30 (Discovery Season)
Daily day use: $3
Yearly day use: $25
May 1 to September 30
Daily day use: $3
Yearly day use: $25


Group shelter Reservable group shelter Picnicking
Wildlife watching Bird watching Fishing
Walking trail Hiking trail Waterways
ADA restroom Restrooms

Of course you can always park outside the gate like we did, and it's free :) You just have to walk a little more...well, a lot more; if you were to walk to the other end of the park it's about 1 and 1/2 miles from the gate.

From Highway 126:

From the stoplight at 126 and Main continue straight onto Jasper Ext. Rd. This will take you up over the hill past Mt. Vernon Pioneer Cemetary. You'll turn right at the Cemetary. Then you'll go down the hill to Jasper Road. Turn left on Jasper Road. Continue on Jasper Road until you come to Parkway, and then turn right. You'll know Parkway because there's a big green bridge you will have to go over to cross the river. You do want to cross the river to get to Jasper Park. Once you cross the river watch for the signs to Jasper State Park. You will turn left approximately 1/2 mile from crossing the bridge onto Jasper Park Dr. This will take you right into the park if you stay on it for a short distance (about 1/4 mile).

To the Letterboxes (^: --->

1st Party Hat!

Go to the first big group meeting area. Face the river at the north edge of the covered cement lunch shelter. Take 8 steps to a big Root'in rock by a Juniper Bush. Look under the rock. The rock might be a little bit stuck.

2nd Pepsi!

You'll need something to drink after you have your hat on. Not that you'd drink Pepsi, but their label was easier to carve than a lot of others! :)

See the horseshoe pits from the Party Hat? Look SE from the last pit east. You'll see 2 Maples with ferns growing on their eastern side, and maybe a few tiny ones on their other sides. Find the 2 rocks between the 2 closest trees, and you'll find the box :)

3rd Friends!

Most people like to have friends at their parties. So, this is your chance to go find some past the playground. It's a pretty nice new play area. Pass the playground looking for your Friends. Start at Doug's Fir looking east. Approximately 20-25 steps to a Hole Maple leaning away from the river. Your Friends will be in the tree.

4th Gifts! RECARVED!!!

If it's a birthday party, or any other kind of party there are usually gifts. Same with this one. Spiders might be guarding the "gifts" stamp, so you might want to wear gloves. Walk the path from the restrooms to the swing sets on your way east. Walk on the riverside of the play equipment, and you will come to a trail going into the woods. Find the BIG ROCK (i.e. it probably weighs a couple tons!) just after you entered, and you'll find the gift!

5th Games!

Games are always fun at a party. This one is near the baseball field. If you continue east from the gifts, you'll come to the ball field. Count the poles holding up the North side of the backstop. Double that 3 and add 2, now you have the number of steps to some suckers on the closest tree that hold the game stamp.

6th Cake!

Follow the path past the backstop in the ballfield. Don't turn right or left, but when you come to the fork, go to the little mossy log in the middle of the fork to eat your Cake.

Once you've found the last one you'll be almost to the end of the park, and have walked a long ways. So, walking back (and there, you'll have gotten some exercise to burn off all that cake you ate ;)

Have a good party :)

P.S. Not all the stamps are exactly level when you try to stamp them in your book, as my Dad and Mom noticed. We're still working on our stamp carving skills. We plan on getting better though :)