CSUN Botanical Gardens  LbNA # 13047

Placed DateJan 11 2005
CountyLos Angeles
LocationNorthridge, CA
Planted ByParrrot Head jmo    
Found By tom4props
Last Found Aug 14 2008
Hike Distance?

August 2007 Update: The botanical garden is still there at CSUN and the box has been found recently. However the pond area has been removed and a new science building is being built instead (such a shame, the pond was beautiful). So you still need to make your way to the gardens, just without using the pond as a marker.

This box is located on the California State University Northridge campus located at 18111 Nordhoff Street in Northridge. Please be aware when going searching for this box that CSUN requires a parking pass at all times (even weekends) which you can purchase for $4.00. There are some places that have 4 hour parking for free, but please read all posted signs carefully as they love to ticket you and that is a $35 fee...ouch...that's an expensive letterbox!

To find this box enter the Botanical Garden pond area off of Lindley Avenue (runs through the center of campus). This area is just west of the Student Health Center and a little east of the book store complex. Enter and proceed to the pond. This is a beautiful place to get away from the busy traffic and crazyness of day to day life. Try to see how many turtles you can find in the pond at one time...the most I have ever seen at one time is 4, but who knows how many may be hiding!

After enjoying the pond, leave this area and enter the botanical gardens just north and adjacent of the pond area. Enter from the gate off of Lindley that is accross from the Science 2 building.

Once you enter the garden follow the cement walk until it splits off; from here take the left fork.

Follow this path even after it turns to asphalt, and follow it around through the desert portion of the garden until it splits off again, take the left path.

When you come to the stone steps, stand at the bottom of the steps facing in the south-east direction (away from the steps) and look for a funny looking half palm/half fern tree at 10:00.

The letterbox is hidden underneath some fearns on this side of the tree trunk. You do have to step off the path and into the planter to find this letterbox, so please be careful of the vegetation.

If there are PPM workers doing maintenence in the garden, please be extra careful and discreet, I would like to see this letterbox stay in place a while.

Also check out my other box in the CSUN Library....oh yeah....this box is my very fist hand carved stamp so feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of it!