Cooler By the Lake Mystery Series  LbNA # 13002

OwnerAgent Ink    
Placed DateJan 2 2004
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found May 9 2011
Hike Distance?


HISTORY: This series of boxes was designed and ready for the Great Lakes
Letterboxing Gathering held in June 2004. Unfortunately, unexpected events kept us from attending and hiding these boxes for participants. However, many Wisconsin boxers have asked us "where are your cooler by the lake boxes?!" Well, it's a mystery. 7.32


TIME ESTIMATE: 1 - 1.5 hours

TERRAIN: The series is hidden on rough trails with steep climbs, wet terrain,
and dangerous drop-offs. The series is not suitable for unsupervised children. The series is winter friendly except during periods of extreme icing or heavy snowcover.

REMINDER: Be sure to covertly retrieve and replace the boxes as this area can be very busy during the summer weekends.

LAST CHECKED: All boxes were verified in place on 1/2/2005.

Park your vehicle in the lot at picnic area 2.
The trailhead begins behind the yellow gate.
Ambulate, donít deviate, all the way out to the lake.
Stop at the edge, donít fall in, turn around to face the way you came in.

BOX 1:

Take 20 paces to a deer trail that heads left. The paces are those of a 6í man.
Take this trail into the woods. The trail will wind a bit and then get to an
area where you will have an unobstructed view of the lake -- no trees or shrubs between you and the water. Contine to follow the deer trail to a
T-intersection. Turn right and shortly arrive at a fork. Continue on the right
deer-trail away from the lake. After 60 paces, you will be at a spot where
roots cross the trail. A multitrunked tree hides box 1 on your right.

BOX 2:

Retrace your steps back to the start of the deer-trail. Take the wide, main
trail north. It will soon curve around toward the west. Follow it to a
four-way intersection. Turn right. Ambulate, donít deviate, all the way out to
the lake. Stop at the edge, donít fall in, turn around to face the way you came
in. Take 40 paces to a deer-trail that angles at 340 degees into the forest.
Follow that bearing for 16 paces. Box 2 is hidden in the base of the large tree
to your left.

BOX 3:

Retrace your steps back to the four-way intersection. Face the south mate and ambulate, donít deviate, until a path from the left decussates. Turn that way and head toward the end when a T-insection shows up again. Go right, then left. Keep the tower on your right for 150 paces. Note that at this spot you can see the trail bending left ahead. Instead, take the small, somewhat hidden deer-trail to your left into the woods. Ambulate, just go straight, until the end -- a T again. Turn left and take 53 to 55 paces. A discrete deer-trail
will be on your left. Set the compass to 240 and take 16 paces in. A large,
curvi-linear, multi-trunked tree sits just behind one shaped like a fork to the
right. Donít look there. Straight ahead of you and down the hill is the tree
you seek. You will find the box in the base of the large tree.

BOX 4:

Return to the T-intersection. Ambulate straight, donít deviate, to the south
mate, out by the lake. Keep the sound of the waves on your left. At the next
intersection, keep going straight. The path will bend and twist my friend.
Stay on the main, and ignore the rest. After a time youíll come to a 10-trunked tree where the temperature is taken as you shall see. At 340 degrees and down the hill is a tree thatís sure to fit the bill.

BOX 5:

Back on the trail and heading southwest water gets in your way but just do your best. Cross on the branches, or jump if you please, then scamper up the hill with the help of a tree. Go left at the top, and stay straight at the T because ďupĒ is your direction as you will see. Take the second right. A creek will now be on your left. In just a bit a birch tree crosses the path over your
head. This tree has a large rotting hole on the trail side. Three birches
sprout from the back. Take two more steps. Look right at the five-trunked
birch tree at 270 degrees. Walk towards that tree but keep your eye out for the one just to the left. Look in the base of that one please.


Go back to the trail and continue with the creek on your left. Remember: when in doubt keep the creek on the left. Ambulate, donít deviate. Youíll cross a bridge and then hit a T. Go left here and ignore the small path that will join from the left. At the next T go right. Ignore the big path that comes in from the right. At the four way intersection go left. At the next four way
intersection go left. Straight ahead but out of sight should be your car.