MK74 Mystery Box (INACTIVE)  LbNA # 12983 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 6 2004
LocationRancho Cordova, CA
Planted ByBlack Cavalier    
Found By C Family
Last Found Sep 4 2006
Hike Distance?

NOTE: Due to construction at this site, I have pulled this box. I may be replanting it once everything's done.

Hope you enjoy my 1st box. Please let me know what you think.

WARNING: The letterbox location is bounded by 2-story office buildings on 3 sides, so even if there's noone outside, there might be people in the upper stories that could see you searching for the box. Also, one of the finders reported there is a "street person" that has taken the upkeep of the site upon himself, so keep an eye out for him. The finder said he knows a lot about the site & they had an enjoyable converstation learning about its history, but he might not like the letterbox being there. So, please try to be extra discrete when finding & hiding the box.

Drive-by Box

Driving Instructions:
Start at the street intersection of Japan and the Man in Black's Alcatraz. Head west-ish and follow Bush's strategy in 2000. If you get to wine country, you've gone too far. After you pass the bazaar, look for the mason's garden.

Walking Instructions:
Once at the site, find the "flower" planted in honor of its namesake. Walk straight past the nearest pagoda to one of Yggdrasil's children. From there, walk a straight line past the 2 tallest flowers in the garden & keep going. The box is along bottom edge of the pile of seeds, in line with the gardenís sign (the sign, not the map).