Pirates  LbNA # 12948

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Placed DateOct 23 2004
Location???, OK
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 12 2006
Hike Distance?

Argg! Such a strange tale is this – but it’s our tale nonetheless & it begins like this. . . We’re pirates you see. Pirates with a treasure & we needed a place to hide it. So we began to search and sailed far and wide. One night we sailed into a dreadful mist. When the sun rose we found our ship & ourselves landlocked on a lake in the Northwest area of a place called “Oklahoma.” It seemed like a descent place – not much to steal – but maybe a good place to be hiding a treasure.

The landlovers around called it “Canton” so we decided to give it a go.

We learned the area was kept by some soldiers. At least they were in some type of army. We snuck up to the office and took a map. Turned out they weren’t really soldiers but something called “engineers.”

We noticed right off there was a nature trail. We thought it a good place to begin.

We begin at the trailhead and wound on our way. We went down the steps and began to enjoy the scenery so very different than our sea. There were these strange markers, but we being pirates we hadn’t had much learnin’ and weren’t sure right off what they were about. Finally one of the crew, who’d gone all the way to 3rd grade in school, made out parts.

The first told us about the “bluestem” grass. We didn’t quite understand since it wasn’t blue but it made for good cover in case those “soldiers” pursued us after all.

Next we noticed a sign that noted “.4” we weren’t familiar with this but continued on the current trail rather than turning off.

Presently we noticed a ghost tree on our left. Tall lone and bare we thought it might be an omen but continued on our trek.

A little later we had to duck under a tree cross the path. We couldn’t help but remember our comrades hung from trees like this. Piracy is a crime where we sail.

Soon we reached a clearing. The sign here refereed to “High Crime Rate Area.” We felt right at home but kept our eyes open. Did it mean that other Pirates were nearby?

As we passed through a “gateway” of evergreens we noticed a fallen log on our left. We followed it off the path to west to see where it would lead.

At the end of the log there was an eerily destroyed clearing. It reminded us of the end of a canon ball explosion. We left it here in the end of the log. Move the bark and look inside.

If you reach “An Ever Changing Forest” you’ve gone too far.