Howard Hughes - MISSING & RETIRED  LbNA # 12859 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Planted ByTeamKing    
Found By baileys bunch
Last Found Dec 11 2006
Hike Distance?

One of Houston's most famous native sons is Howard Hughes. Born Dec 24, 1905 in Houston and died April 5, 1976 in route by plane back to a hospital in Houston. From all of his business accomplishments, such as Hughes Aircraft, he left an estimated $2 billion fortune which went to 22 cousins.

Howard is buried in Glenwood Cemetary with his parents. To find the cemetary: from I-10 take Studemont south to Washingon Ave. Go left. Cemetary is just down on the right. Enter the cemetary and stay to the right. Follow the road around - passing the sign for Washington Cemetary - until you see a green metal fence surrounding a small family plot. This is it. Fence is now locked up so you won't be able to get in. The gravestone is flat with the ground so you won't be able to see it from the road. Distance is .4 miles from the turn off Washington to the plot. If you walk up the side around the fence you should be able to see everything.

There are numerous well-known Houston families with plots in this cemetary. If you have time and enjoy the history, walk around and see what you can find. There are also some wonderful statues and ornate gravestones.

To find the box: go to the Hughes fenced in plot, from here you will see some red brick stairs going up to the left. Go up the stairs. There is a statue here of woman. Look left. See the red brick wall with 'Hayden' written on the right side. Box is behind this wall.

Be sure to cover well, and be discrete AND respectful!

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