MISSING - Paws for Thought - Difficult Run  LbNA # 12856 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 30 2004
LocationGreat Falls, VA
Found By KnightsofColumbo
Last Found Jun 5 2005
Hike Distance?

-- Note! --
This box is reported missing as of October 2006. Sorry!
Please let me know if you have any leads as to its whereabouts.

Whilst placing this letterbox we found an amazing grape-vine tree-swing, set amongst the hollies in the first section of the trail. Bonus points if you can find it too : )

The parking lot for this trail is along Georgetown Pike, on the southern side of the road. It's not fancy, just marked by a little sign. Park there and start walking along the path by the stream (you'll be walking downstream).

After a ways, you'll pass under a bridge. Pause for a moment and listen to the whirring noise of the cars passing overhead.

Following the bridge, the stream becomes rocky and, presumably, the run becomes difficult. Keep walking along the water. When you see a large, smooth, triangular rock directly on the right side of the path, stop.

Cross the path to the side farthest away from the water. Peer around the back side of the tree there. It should have deep black hollows running through it.

Look up the hill in front of you and you'll see a great big overlook rock: the bald peeping rock. Climb up to this rock. (you may wish to go around rather than climbing vertically up). You'll have a fantastic view of the stream, provided there's no leaves on the trees of course. We recommend this spot for picnics, or leaf-throwing battles.

When you are ready to continue to the box, stand triumphantly atop the bald peeping rock. Turn round and face up the hill. Ahead you will see a fallen tree and perhaps a living tree with a ghostly S written on the trunk in lichens. Pass through the mountain laurels, 30 paces until you reach the place where the fallen tree has broken another tree in two. Sit down and take a breath on the fallen log - then reach beneath it and pull out the box.

This is our first box so please let me know how it goes!