Armadillo Was Here  LbNA # 12765 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 24 2004
LocationHockley, TX
Planted ByTeamKing    
Found By BirdsofaFeather
Last Found Jan 4 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Kleb Woods Nature Preserve. To get to the park: go north on Muschke Rd from Hwy 290. When you get to Hwy 2920, go left. Park is just down on your left about .3 miles. Park and go to the trail head sign. Follow the gravel trail straight back- passing the restrooms - and continue until you come to the big pavillion. From here you will see a trail to the left and to the right. Take the trail to the left. Continue until you come to the gravel trail that crosses the trail you are on. Go left on the gravel trail until you come to the mulch/pine needle trail on your right - about 20ish paces. Starting at the edge of the gravel trail, go down the mulch/pine needle trail 139 paces. Turn left. You should see a small tree with multiple trunks next to a pine tree about 12 paces away. Box is hidden under needles behind the pine. (if you get to the large downed tree and brush pile on the left you have gone too far) Please re-cover well and let us know status. Box is also listed on Atlas Quest if you want to log your find.