Cemetary Walk  LbNA # 12660

Placed DateOct 28 2001
LocationDanville, VT
Planted ByCrab Apple    
Found By watchingtheblur
Last Found Oct 12 2014
Hike Distance?

This box was originally placed by David C., adopted by Princess Lea in August 2004, then readopted by Crab Apple in 2008.

10/13/2009: I checked on this box yesterday and everything seemed OK.

Clues: Easy

Go to the Danville Green on Route 2. One-half mile down Brainerd
Street is the Danville Green Cemetery. Pull over and park.


Find the flagpole at the center of the cemetery. Walk a heading of
220 degrees to the back of the cemetery.

Pass . . .

Stand between Perkins and Tilton.

30 paces to 310 degrees you will find "The Unknowns."

Stand with the inscribed stone at your back, facing 320 degrees.

Walk the same number of paces toward 255 degrees as the number of
letters on the stone.

At the base of a tall pine tree, under a small pile of rocks, along
an old wire fence, you will find what you seek.


- Please bring your own pen and ink pad.
- The Cemetery is closed to auto traffic from November to May, but
you are welcome to walk in as long as there is no deep snow.
- This box is inaccessible with any snow cover on the ground.
- The letterbox is actually on the property of the landowner next to
the cemetery. You have their permission to be there. The wire fence
is not electrified.
- Please cover the letterbox with the stones, as you found it.
- Make sure to check out the nearby letterboxes Working on the
Railroad and Covered Bridge.