Seeking Knolledge  LbNA # 12602 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 7 2004
LocationIthaca, NY
Found By YankeeChiK
Last Found Apr 20 2006
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Comstock Knoll, originally called the Pinnacle. The Knoll is in the heart of the Cornell Plantations’ botanical garden, within an easy walk of some unusual gardens. Make sure to save some time to explore the entire area. Some of the attractions include the rhododendron garden, the herb garden, the winter garden, and the rock garden.

To get to the knoll follow Route 366 towards Ithaca and make a right on Forest Home Drive. When you come to a T at a stop sign, make a right to stay on Forest Home Drive and cross a one-lane bridge. Go straight at the stop sign and make the next left to (once again) stay on Forest Home Drive and cross a second one-lane bridge. Go through the next stop sign, pass McIntyre Road and make a left onto Plantations Road. Go about 100 feet and park in the parking area on the left.

From the parking lot, you will see two signs: a one way sign and a one way – do not enter sign. Walk on the road toward the one way – do not enter sign. Pass the summer house on your right and take the set of stairs on your right soon after. At the top of the stairs, make a left on the path. Walk 35-40 paces (where a pace is two steps). You will see a small, low lying Canada hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) on your right. The letterbox is hidden under the branches of this tree.