Moon Goddess  LbNA # 12561

Placed DateDec 4 2004
LocationHugo, OR
Found ByDoxie Duo
Last UpdateJul 20 2008


Moon Goddess Letterbox

This box is located in Oregon, along I-5. It is near the town of Hugo in Southern Orgeon.

Going northbound, go to the rest area between Rogue River and Hugo. Go to
the pet area that is between the parking lot and the freeway. At the
southern most trash cans go south for 21 steps to three trees together
- one forks close to the ground. The Moon Goddess lives there.

Please be discrete and hide the moon goddess well when you are done.

Please email us and let us know that you got this box. Sometimes this pays off for the finder as well.

Happy Boxing,
Team Nashoba

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