Baseball Goddess  LbNA # 12560

Placed DateDec 4 2004
Locationsouthern oregon, OR
Found By trailcruising3
Last Found Jul 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Baseball Goddess Letterbox

This box is located in southern Oregon off I-5 going northbound.

After the #80 exit is the Cow Creek Rest Area. Park in the southern most
parking spot in the passenger car area. Take the path in front of you. Walk
past the second picnic table and take the path to the right. After stepping
over the log, take 60 steps down the path then go left to where the path
T-intersections with another path that runs along the fence line. There is
a big tree there. To the right is a bending tree. The box is under the bend.

Please be discrete and hide the box well after you are done.

Please email us and let us know that you got this box. Sometimes this pays off for the finder as well.
Happy Boxing,
Team Nashoba
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