Great Bear Mystery  LbNA # 1245 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 7 2003
Location???, OH
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 18 2004
Hike Distance?

Great Bear Mystery Box
Difficulty: Easy
Planted by BreedenBunch(Wandering Sole and Sole Searching)
Items needed: stamp pad, compass,pen or pencil

The Zuni believe that Fetishes are consulted when the spirit
of an animal can help solve a problem.

Zuni fetishes are carried when the power of the animal
is needed to accomplish a specific task:

a safe journey
a successful hunt
a good crop

An offering of corn meal and water
is often kept near a fetish

Breath represents the living spirit.
The exchange of breath is necessary for requesting help from a Zuni fetish.
The fetish owner holds his fetish close to his lips and breathes over the fetish.
Then deeply breathes in the spirit of the fetish.

Some Zuni fetishes have heart lines.
Sometimes the heartline is naturally in the pattern of the stone itself
Sometimes it is inlaid in the fetish by the carver.

Heart lines start at the mouth of the fetish (where breath gives life)
and point to the soul (where faith, spirit and inner strength reside).

Tied to the back of many Zuni fetishes are medicine,
or offering bundles of gemstones - to help prayers be heard.

Also, an arrowhead is often there to protect
the fetish on its journey.

Offering bundles are bound to the fetish with sinew,
because sinew (muscle fiber) is strength.

Coral in the bundle represents ocean life.

Turquoise represent the sky, birds.

Black is for night creatures.

Brown is earth.

White is winter.

The Zuni Bear is representative of strength, power from within, spiritual guide

You will start the hunt for this bear in the North of Ohio, where the Great Bear lives.

Find the talking moose and proceed toward the where the keepers are dispersing keys. Before you reach them, look to your right.....there will be a double sliding door that you will walk through.

Once out the door, look both ways and proceed under the canopy. Stand approximately in the middle of this structure and locate a totem at approximately 135 degrees.

As you proceed to this totem, keep an eye open for horseless carriages and iron ponies, they frequent this area.

Step into the stone semi-circle and face the totem. What you seek is hibernating in his cave, 2 spaces counter-clockwise. Stamp this fetish into your logbook, breath in the spirit of the fetish and place him back in his cave.

This is a very high traffic area, please be discreet.

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