Chapter One: The Love Letter  LbNA # 12392

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Location???, MA
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November 28, 1855

Dear Thomas,

I am no longer interested in trying to persuade my father to accept us. It is a lost cause. However, I am not able to accept the fact that you and I can not be together. And so, without his consent, I accpet your proposal.

After the sun sets on Friday night, I will take my horse from the barn and meet you at the stone Baptist church just built in 1832 that sits on the peninsula in the lake. I have spoken with the Reverend, and he has agreed to meet us there. The ceremony will be short and private, and must take place under the cover of darkness, so that we do not attract the attention of any of my father's acquaintences.

After the wedding, we will leave Massachusetts and settle elsewhere, where our families will never find us!

One last thing must be attended to: When you find the church, stand directly in front of it and then look to the north. Nestled in the middle of a many-sister tree, I have hidden a small box with containing our wedding rings.

I love you!