Toaster Head  LbNA # 12362 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 26 2004
LocationWest Greenwich, RI
Found By KatieKat
Last Found Dec 4 2004
Hike Distance?

This is a letterbox/geocache. Wear some blaze orange during hunting season. The trails are not difficult, but there may be muddy spots. DIRECTIONS:

• Park on the New London Turnpike, 0.6 mile northeast of the intersection with Congdon Mill Road. The straight-line distance to the cache is about 0.3 mile, but you will have a walk of just over half a mile.
• Follow a little-used side trail on the north side of the road. About 0.1 mile in, you will encounter a well-used ATV trail.
• Turn left on this trail. Before you walk away, take a good look at where the side trail leaves the ATV trail. You might want to leave a trail marker so you can find it again on your way out. The ATV trail winds around and crosses a small stream on a rustic bridge. Your GPS will be telling you to leave the trail, but don't do it. After about 0.36 mile on this trail, you will come to a wider trail (look for a prominent rock in the intersection).
• Turn right on the wide trail. You can follow your GPS from here, if you have a good signal (which is doubtful). Walk north about 0.08 mile (about 169 paces) you will come to an intersection with another wide trail.
• Continue in the same direction another 50 paces and look for a small pile of rocks off the trail on your left.